Mavi and Harmonic Take the Risk Out of Parking with Innovative Insurance

We've teamed up with Mavi.io and MIC Global to introduce Parking Insurance on the OnMyWay™ Commerce platform. With this innovative insurance coverage, OnMyWay users can now enjoy greater peace of mind against car window glass breakage while parking.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mavi.io, a leading provider of innovative automotive solutions, and Harmonic, an innovative insurtech, are excited to introduce Parking Insurance on the OnMyWay platform. Building upon the existing array of features and benefits, the addition of Parking Insurance coverage brings a new level of peace of mind to OnMyWay customers when parking their vehicles.

Integrated into the OnMyWay™ payment-enabled Connected Cars, the in-car platform meets the needs of “immediate purchase” customers by providing location-based services such as ordering food, groceries and essentials, product recommendation, payment, and pickup coordination. With the inclusion of Parking Insurance coverage, OnMyWay users will enjoy greater protection against car window glass breakage, enhancing their overall parking experience.  Mavi’s in-car commerce solution is scheduled to launch in new Connected Cars from leading automotive brands this fall.

Parking Insurance offers customers a pre-set amount of $250 for each valid claim, providing them with the confidence and assurance that they’re better protected from break-in attempts. 

To initiate a claim, customers simply need to take photos of the damage and submit them via the user-friendly Claims site. Within 48 hours of a valid claim, customers will receive a virtual debit card loaded with $250. Whether they choose to replace the glass, replace stolen items, arrange alternate transportation, or even indulge in a relaxing massage, the cash payout is theirs to use as they see fit, and is supplemental to any other insurance they have on their vehicle.

“People are very concerned about crime today, especially property crime like automotive break-ins.  We designed this new insurance product to help ease the burden of this crime on car owners,” Harmonic’s CEO and co-Founder Andrew Drake said. “Mavi's OnMyWay system enables us to offer this new coverage directly from inside your car, for any location and at any time.”

This innovative insurance product has been seamlessly integrated into the OnMyWay Connected Cars platform, unlocking a range of benefits for customers. The integration enables location-driven pricing, allowing customers to receive personalized coverage based on their parking location without any extra typing. Likewise, the platform conveniently stores customers’ credit card information, streamlining the payment process. 

“The Parking Insurance offering is a great example of new improvements to the driving experience that the OnMyWay platform enables.  Leveraging the location-based data, the stored credit card and the easy discovery from the in-car services menu, Parking Insurance will become a regular step in the enjoyable, trusted connected car experience.”

To see how it works, watch the video demonstration.

Harmonic Insurance Services has partnered with MIC Global to underwrite the Parking Insurance coverage. This strategic collaboration ensures that customers receive a higher level of coverage and reliability for their parked vehicles. Don’t let broken glass break your day—trust in the expertise of Harmonic and their esteemed carrier partner to safeguard your valuable assets. 

About Mavi: 
OnMyWay™ Commerce brings easy, curated shopping and services to the dashboard of customer vehicles. OnMyWay™ payment-enabled Connected Cars meet the needs of “immediate purchase” customers with location, food, essentials and car services from parking insurance to car washes, product recommendation, payment, and pickup coordination. MAVI’s Mobile Retail Network™ HUB middleware marketplace connects retailers’ existing eCommerce platforms for inventory, order, timing, loyalty, and curbside orchestration to the car’s dashboard interface. Eliminating the need for retailers to integrate with each car’s unique environment. The next evolution of OnMyWay™ shopping brings customers and their data back to your curbside.

About Harmonic Financial Technology:
Harmonic integrates contextually relevant insurance services into the products that consumers use everyday.  Utilizing our scalable tech, customizable user flows, and compliance stack, we enable businesses to embed insurance products into their app or service.  Harmonics helps consumers get the coverage they need from some of the leading names in insurance and helps businesses generate additional revenue.  Visit harmonicft.com to learn more. 

About MIC Global:
MIC Global is a full stack digital insurance company that provides embedded insurance for today’s digital world. MIC Global combines insurance capacity, in-country insurance licenses, world class distribution, and scalable tech. MIC Global creates embedded insurance solutions for platform companies that adds value by enhancing service levels, driving revenue and differentiating their product and brands.