New Auto Glass Coverage from Way.com, Harmonic, and MIC Global Elevates Vehicle Protection for Drivers

Way.com partners with Harmonic and MIC Global to introduce auto glass coverage in Way+ plans, offering financial protection against car window break-ins.

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Way.com, the #1 car super app in the US, in collaboration with Harmonic, a leader in embedded insurance solutions, and MIC Global, a pioneering embedded micro insurance provider, proudly unveils auto glass coverage as an addition to its Way+ membership plans. This novel coverage provides members with financial protection and peace of mind against the inconvenience and expense of car window break-ins.

Integrated seamlessly into Way.com's mobile application, the glass insurance offering complements the existing array of services available to Way+ members. In addition to bringing more peace of mind for drivers, the coverage is designed to fill gaps left by car insurance deductibles.

Glass insurance offers members a pre-set cash benefit for each valid claim related to car glass breakages, aiming to alleviate the stress and hassle associated with a broken window. Way.com offers three tiers of Way+ membership plans, each providing varying levels of coverage from $100 to $300 per incident.

To initiate a claim, Way.com members simply capture photos of the glass damage and submit them via a service in the Way.com app. Once a claim has been approved, members will receive a virtual debit card with the value of the claim. Members may use the cash however they choose – to replace the glass, cover stolen items, arrange alternate transportation, or simply ease the stress of the situation.

"As we unveil our auto glass coverage, we're not just adding a service; we're addressing a growing concern among drivers regarding the vulnerability of their vehicles," stated Adam Hardt, VP of Way+ at Way.com. "Our collaboration with Harmonic and MIC Global allows us to fill a critical gap in the market, offering a proactive solution to a reactive problem."

Following Way.com's commitment to improving the car ownership experience, the collaboration with Harmonic marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital auto services. Harmonic specializes in embedding novel insurance coverages into contextually relevant partner platforms, and in doing so, helps consumers alleviate the risks they face everyday. Together Harmonic and Way.com are shaping the future of insurance in the digital auto services industry.

“We designed this new insurance product to help ease the burden of automotive break-ins on car owners,” Harmonic’s CEO and co-Founder Andrew Drake said. “Through its premium membership, Way is not just providing a service, but pioneering a new standard in automotive peace of mind, transforming how drivers perceive and manage risks of car ownership.”

In addition to Auto Glass Breakage Insurance, Way.com members will also have access to Involuntary Loss of Employment Insurance, providing cash assistance for car-related expenses in the event of involuntary layoffs. This coverage helps members meet essential payments for their car and keep driving during tough times.

Harmonic Insurance Services collaborates with MIC Global and its technology company MICology to provide Auto Glass Breakage and Involuntary Loss of Employment Insurance. This collaboration enhances coverage and convenience, ensuring peace of mind. Don't let broken glass break your day—trust in Harmonic and MIC Global for support.

About Way.Com:Way.com, the leading car platform, serves 7 million drivers, offering a wide array of high-quality car services in one app. Ranked #48 in a16z's Marketplace 100, Way.com is dedicated to making car ownership affordable, providing top auto insurance and parking rates, cash back on gas, roadside assistance, EV parking, top-rated car washes, the best auto refinance rates, and extensive partnerships across 50 states.

About Harmonic Financial Technology:Harmonic Financial Technology integrates insurance services into everyday products, leveraging scalable technology, customizable user flows, and a robust compliance stack. This enables businesses to embed insurance offerings into their services, helping consumers secure necessary coverage and businesses to generate new revenue streams. For more information, visit harmonicft.com.

About MIC Global:MIC Global is a full-stack embedded micro insurance provider purpose-built to transform the insurance industry by reimagining and integrating simple and relevant insurance products. MIC was founded with an aspirational goal to help close the insurance protection gap by providing inclusive and affordable insurance to people and to support them in their time of need. To learn more, please visit micglobal.com.